Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer Spray

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Dr. GermCleaner Hand Sanitizer in a Pocket-Sized package.

Made in USA.
Rose Petals.
Dry Sensitive Skin.
80% Medical Grade Alcohol.
FDA Registered.
Kills 99.99% of Germs
WHO Guidelines.
CDC Guidelines.
Aloe Vera Moisturizer
Quality Certified.

  • 5 Pack
    $2.4 / bottle
  • 10 Pack
    $2.1 / bottle
  • 15 Pack
    $2 / bottle
  • 20 Pack
    $1.9 / bottle
  • 30 Pack
    $1.75 / bottle - Best Savings
  • Gold
  • Silver


  • 80% Medical Grade Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Made in USA. FDA Registered
  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria naturally and quickly
  • Clean and Safe Ingredients
  • Gold and Silver colors available
  • Safe on skin & hands
  • Sanitizes and disinfects high touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, and even boxes, packages
  • Small-sized and is only slightly taller than a AA battery

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 0.75 × 0.75 × 4.5 in

5 Pack, 10 Pack, 15 Pack, 20 Pack, 30 Pack


Gold, Silver

Product Brief

  • FDA registered product. NDC #77160-309-08
  • Unscented – Fragrance-free
  • Surpasses the isopropanol CDC recommendation for hand sanitizer
  • Safe for kids under adult supervision
  • Quick-drying, non-sticky formula, and leaves no residue
  • Made in the USA at FDA registered facility with strict ISO certified quality controls
  • Carry everywhere – inside pockets, handbags, and even some wallets
  • 5ml sanitizer per bottle. More than 70 sprays
  • 5 refillable bottles package
  • Free from harsh chemicals like triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, methanol, wood alcohol, and sulfates
  • Due to its size of individual sanitizer sprays no labeling on the product is possible and it is normal. For Ingredients and Drug Facts of this product refer to the sections below:


Dr. GermCleaner™ has FDA recommended formula – 80% isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and purified water USP. Every bottle contains at least 80% alcohol by volume, which is the FDA’s recommended value.

This product is registered with the FDA. NDC #77160-309-08

This formulation is effective at eliminating more than 99.99% of germs and bacteria in 15 seconds. It dries fast and does not leave a residue. The convenient package helps you to stay germ-free everywhere. Use anytime, anywhere.

The glycerin used is naturally derived will help skin stay soft and moisturized after use.

The sanitizer is manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered facility under ISO certified strict quality controls and meets FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

Safe for Kids: Pure natural ingredients are gentle for children’s sensitive skin while killing harmful germs. Great for use at home or in classrooms. Use always under adult supervision.

Cold season protection: A must-have and important essential tool during cold & flu season.

Vital Hygiene Tool: This sanitizer helps you and your family to stay in hygiene for protection from the latest bug going around. Dr. GermCleaner™ is also an essential hygiene tool for teachers, gym enthusiasts, work areas, salespeople, and other jobs that put you in contact with the public. With our convenient package, take this anywhere to stay in hygiene.

Dr. GermCleaner is free from harsh chemicals like

  • Synthetic fragrances,
  • Parabens,
  • Triclosan,
  • Benzalkonium Chloride,
  • Methanol,
  • Wood Alcohol,
  • Sulfates.


  • Spray enough product on hands to cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until dry.
  • Supervise children under 6 years of age when using this product to avoid swallowing.

Warning: For external use only, flammable. Keep away from heat or flame.

Do not use:

  • in children less than 2 months of age
  • on open skin wounds

When using this product, keep out of eyes, ears, and mouth. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Please use sanitizers only when soap and water are not available.


Active Ingredients: 80% Isopropyl Alcohol

Inactive Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, Glycerin, and Purified water USP.

Drug Facts

DrGermCleaner Pocket-Sized Drug Facts Label

Refill Information

Sanitizer type: Liquid
Bottle capacity: 5 ml (each bottle)
Refill with: 32 oz liquid sanitizer

48 reviews for Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer Spray

  1. William J (verified owner)

    Smooth ordering process. Order was shipped the same day as I ordered by 11 am.

  2. Anton V (verified owner)

    This hand sanitizer is so small that it goes into my wallet. I am also using this as a disinfectant.

  3. Vicky P (verified owner)

    Hand sanitizer spray for less than $1. Huge cost saving

  4. James A (verified owner)

    With this I never had to look for sanitizer stations. Personal hand sanitizer is a huge health advantage.

  5. James A (verified owner)

    Perfect for gift bags. Memorable and caring gift at these challenging times

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